7.039 Sauteed Cod Fillet


13 (Sat) February 2016

Sauteed Cod Fillet


on Korean Air – KE 086

-New York to Incheon-


Mission to USA + Personal Deviation, Day 8 (see previously 7.038 Hot Pastrami Sandwich).

In transit.  Spent the past week in New York to attend a meeting Tuesday through yesterday on NCDs at the United Nations.  Plus to give a guest lecture Monday on global health at TU.  On my way to Incheon on the redeye tonight.

So thoroughly exhausted that I slept through most of the flight, watching not a single movie, waking up briefly a couple hours before landing to taste the crappy food — one of the worst yet, forcing me to knock Korean Air down a notch on the BEST IN CLASS rankings — then going back to sleep.

As always, I am grateful for and respectful of the opportunity to travel internationally, whether for fun or for work, especially via business class (see BEST IN FLIGHT), including airport lounge access (see in BEST IN LOUNGE).

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