7.260 SSB


21 (Wed) September 2016

Fresh Mango Juice


by Heavenly Urban Chef


-Ermita, Manila-

with meeting participants

This week, we’re convening a regional workshop to help countries trying to impose taxation on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs).

The evidence clearly shows that SSBs are a major driver in the increasing rates of obesity worldwide, particularly childhood obesity.

While most would consider only soft drinks, sports drinks, and other “artificial” beverages to fall within the definition of SSBs, fruit juices should also be covered.  In fact, fruit juice tends to contain more “free sugars” per volume than other drinks.  The problem with fruit juice is that it supplies sugar thru the liquid without the solid fiber that the body needs to process it properly.  Consider that a small glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice requires about 4 oranges — no problem — but imagine eating 4 whole oranges, fiber and all — not so fast.  Eat fruit, don’t drink it.

A self-appointed task force, including me, is in the process of developing and proposing a “walk the talk” policy to prohibit the sale and service of SSBs on campus.  The cafeteria hasn’t been briefed yet, hence mango juice at the welcome reception (see also 6.224 NCD Risk Factors).

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