8.161 Mul Naeng Myeon


15 (Thu) June 2017

Mul Naeng Myeon


at Buwon Myeonok

-Namdaemun Market, Seoul-


Buwon Myeonok is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in MNM, as well as other northern-style Korean fare.  Something of a landmark.

Located in Namdaemun Market, nearby the store where I’ve been getting my prescription eyewear since college – seriously, my file dates back to 1993 – I often drop by this restaurant for a bite while waiting for my glasses to be completed.  As today.


I’ll apply the rating method used in my Seoul-Searching project (see 4.184 The Eulmidae MNM).

BROTH.  Light.  Sweetish.  No discernible beef flavor.  But not unpleasant.

NOODLES.  Rubbery.  No discernible buckwheat flavor.  But not unpleasant.

TOPPINGS.  Sliced pork, pickled radish, salted cucumber, 1/3 boiled egg.  Passable.
CONCLUSION.  Compared to other MNM joints, Buwon Myeonok would fall close to the bottom for lack of depth and quality.  Nevertheless, I’m sure that I will continue to frequent the place so long as I need glasses.
PRICE.  7,500 won.  Great price point for a quick afternoon snack.


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