4 thoughts on “8.209 LA Galbi

  1. As a Canadian, I take offense with your rather unparsimonius usage of the word “eh,” which is usually uttered in accompaniment with an exclamation or question mark (as in, it’s really freaking cold, eh?)

    I believe “meh” is the more appropriate term.

    ­čśë I jest. Keep the posts coming!

    1. In GMTD usage, “eh” is not the same thing as “meh.” The latter implies mediocrity, leaning towards the negative, something in the range of 1.5-2.0. The former means it’s okayish, maybe 2.0-2.5, but not remarkable enough to bother commenting on.

      By sheer coincidence, i just finished – and by “just finished,” i mean minutes ago – the NY Times crossword puzzle from 18 April 2016, where a clue was “Idiot, in Canadian lingo” (6 letters) – i don’t of course mean to imply that you’re an idiot!

      1. Oof. Touch├ę, I suppose ­čśë (what was the answer anyhow?)

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