8.259 Naeng Myeon


21 (Thu) September 2017

Naeng Myeon


at Nampo Myeonok

-Da, Jung, Seoul, Korea-

with an old friend

Mission to Korea, Day 2.

In Seoul.  Here to scope out – Thursday – the accommodations for an upcoming meeting on health ethics that we’re co-organizing with the National Bioethics Committee and also to attend a symposium on healthy ageing – Friday – hosted by the National Assembly.


The venue for the health ethics meeting had already been decided as the Westin Chosun Hotel by our local partners before we came on board, but senior management felt it’s too glamorous for a WHO-branded event, so the compromise is to provide our sponsored participants with accommodations at a more modest property, which is what I was tasked to secure on this mission.

The Hotel President, fortunately, is right around the corner.  It’s not glamorous.  Perfect.  Done.


A former classmate from Yonsei University works at the agency that is co-organizing the meeting with us.

Her office is next door to Nampo Myeonok, ranked by GMTD as home to the worst Pyeong-Yang Style mul naeng myeon in Seoul (see 4.184 The Eulmildae MNM).  I was curious to see if my first impression had been right.

It was.

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