9.248 Homemade Chicken Curry


10 (Mon) September 2018

Homemade Chicken Curry


at Kalamatas Resto’Ba

-Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia-


Mission to Malaysia, Day 2.

In Kota Kinabalu.  At the 50th Conference of the Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium on Public Health, here to participate in a pre-event consultation to discuss the development of a surveillance platform for International Health Regulations.

Kalamatas Resto’Ba is a bar/pub.  Offers western and local foods.  Located next door to the hotel.
Stopped by for a drink but stayed for dinner.
I should’ve asked about the prices of the various nasi goreng – noting that 0.01 ringgit is worth about 1/4 of a penny.
When I told the proprietor that I was based in the Philippines, he was very proud to show me the Filipino selection of the menu – the establishment is frequented by many OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers).
Nasi Goreng with Chicken (3.0): at the bargain price of MYR 9.51 (USD 2.28); for an additional MYR 4.64 (USD 1.11), I could’ve had the seafood.


Dives 107-109.

I flew in a day early to get in a couple dives, first time in Malaysia.

Went through Downbelow Marine Wildlife Adventures, a company that operates out of Gaya Island, part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park.

The operators were great, but the diving itself was crap – poor visibility, nothing to see anyway.

For the first time, I understood how good we have it in the Philippines.

Malaysia is the 4th country where I’ve dived.

  1. Philippines, Balayan Bay (Anilao) (see 9.042 Garlic Squid + Buttered Vegetables); Batangas Bay (Puerto Galera) (see 9.115 Budae Jjigae)
  2. Fiji, Nadi Bay (Nadi) (see most recently 6.104 Seared Mahi Mahi)
  3. Maldives (see most recently 9.190 Grilled Snapper)
  4. Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park (Kota Kinabalu)



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