10.058 Tsuiwan


4 (Mon) March 2019



at Springs Hotel

room service

-Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia-


Mission to Mongolia, Day 2 (see previously 10.057 Hindu Meal).

In Ulaanbaatar.  As part of a coordinated region-wide retreat to work on the new Regional Director’s vision for the future – Tue to Thu – I’ve been deployed to facilitate the proceedings at the Mongolia Country Office.  Could be construed as a recognition of my skills as a facilitator, but probably isn’t.  Anyway, happy to be in Mongolia for the first time.


Spent Monday meeting with focal points in the country office to prepare.

Afterwards, room service for dinner.

Always grateful for the option of room service (not a given in many of the countries where I’ve traveled for work), even better when local dishes are available.

Tsuiwan is a Mongolian dish.  Flour noodles, typically hand-made – similar to Korean kalgusku – first boiled, then stir-fried with sliced beef/lamb and vegetables.

Perhaps just here, but I found the dish to be dry and flavorless.

Khuushur (3.0)

By good fortune – not entirely a matter of luck, as Ulaanbaatar apparently has a lot of Korean social infrastructure – Springs Hotel hosts a Korean restaurant: Haenbuk – oddly transcribed into English, in Korean = “헹복 (haengbok)” or “happiness.”


If I worked at the Mongolian country office, I would presumably eat here quite often for lunch.

At current exchange rates, USD 1 = approx MNT (Mongolian tögrög) 2,500, so 16,900 MNT = USD 6.70, which seems kinda reasonable but is actually quite pricy compared to the cost of local dishes, even at room service rates (see above).

And with that, Mongolia becomes the 15th country and Ulaanbaatar becomes the 31st city outside of Korea where I’ve had Korean food in a restaurant.

  1. USA: 01.01 Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara, etc.) CA; 01.02 New York NY; 01.03 Boston MA; 01.04 Northern Virginia VA; 01.05 East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, etc.) CA; 01.06 Los Angeles CA (9.353 Chosun Galbee); 01.07 San Francisco CA; 01.08 San Diego CA; 01.12 Chicago IL; 01.13 Washington DC; 01.24 Guam (6.283 The Boss’s Beefy Birthday Bash); Las Vegas NV 01.30 (9.356 Longhorn Steak)
  2. THAILAND: 02.09 Bangkok; 02.10 Pattaya
  3. SWITZERLAND: 03.11 Geneva
  4. UNITED KINGDOM: 04.14 London
  5. CHINA: 05.15 Beijing
  6. CAMBODIA: 06.16 Phnom Penh (3.269 Fried Beef with Red Ants)
  7. LAO: 07.17 Vientiane (3.272 Pho Ga)
  8. PHILIPPINES: 08.18 Metro Manila (5.005 Ki for Ki); 08.20 Batangas (5.223 Galbi Tang and More) / 08.28 Subic (8.324 Ssam Bap); 08.29 Puerto Galera (8.365 Samgyeopsal)
  9. FIJI: 09.19 Suva (5.178 Bibimbab)
  10. PAPUA NEW GUINEA: 10.21 Port Moresby (5.276 Spicy Chicken Muchim)
  11. RUSSSIA: 11.22 Moscow (5.286 Chili Mango Prawns…)
  12. AUSTRALIA: 12.23 Melbourne (5.342 Crocodile Meat…)
  13. MALAYSIA: 13.25 Kuala Lumpur (6.333 Jacked — Three Ways)
  14. JAPAN: 14.26 Wakoshi (7.266 Gu Ba); 14.27 Tokyo (8.202 Clam and Spicy Soft Tofu Stew)
  15. MONGOLIA: 15.31 Ulaanbaatar (10.058 Tsuiwan)

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