10.356 Haemul Jjim


27 (Thu) December 2019

Haemul Jjim


at Oksu Haemul Jjim & Kal Guksu

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with MS, JS

2020 Winter Holiday in Korea, Day 4.

On any trip to Korea, one of my highest priorities is to see my cousins MS and JS, the closest kin that I’ll ever have to brothers (see most recently 9.015 Janchi Guksu).

We started with dinner (see most recently 5.105 Haemul Jjim).

Afterwards, we went to my favorite neighborhood hangout (see generally 3.251 Deep-Fried Smoked Chicken), where we drank too much and talked about nothing and everything.


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