11.260 Sanso Spread Lite

Cycle 11 – Item 260

21 (Mon) August 2020

 Sanso Spread Lite


by Mom et al.

at Pungsan Cemetery Park

-Bonghan, Byeongcheon, Dongnam, Cheonan, Chuncheongnam, Republic of Korea-

with Dad and his brothers

In light of the pandemic, the family decided to downsize the annual pilgrimage to the family cemetery (see most recently 5.266 Sanso Spread): only essential participants – the menfolk – to attend.   Not one of the oldmenfolk has any practical skills, or desire to help, so I did the driving of the car, the unloading of all the stuff, the arranging of the food offerings, the pitching of the tarp, the assembling of the table, the transferring of the food to the table, the trimming of the bushes, the cleaning of the plates, the collecting of the trash, the disassembling of the table, the unpitching of the tarp, the loading of all the stuff back into the car, the driving of the car back home.

The food was also kept to a bare minimum: a few jeon, gimbab, kimchi, rice cakes, fruit, which made things a bit easier for me.



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