11.277 Seolleong Tang


8 (Thu) October 2020

Seolleong Tang


at Hanchon Seolleong Tang

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Hanchon Seolleong Tang (한촌 설럴탕) is a Korean chain restaurant.  Specializes in seolleong tang.  Founded 1998, currently 111 locations across the country.

I’ve never heard anyone say anything good about this place, at any location.

In A-Tower, across the alley behind our office building.
At 1130, mostly empty of customers.

The seolleong tang was okay.  Clean flavor, not much depth.  Passable for a quick lunch.

The rice comes in the soup.

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2 thoughts on “11.277 Seolleong Tang

  1. My impression of seolleong tang is that it’s pho, minus the flavor (spices and aromatics). Haven’t found a place in Montreal to try it yet. 🙁

    1. I would say it’s unlike pho, which, in addition to the spices, has a leaner sharper feel, maybe closer to Korean galbi tang. seolleong tang, because of the bone broth, is much richer, creamier. then again, seolleong tang is historically a much more humble food (made with bones and big tough cuts of meat), compared to gabli tang (made with primo ribs).

      in Korea, seolleong tang is usually found only in restaurants specializing in it, but i’ve found big Korean restaurants overseas that offer a bit of everything often have it. I would imagine that a large city like Montreal would have it somewhere.

      If you have get a chance, I’d love for you to send me photos to post here.

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