12.067 Shrimp Fried Rice


13 (Sat) March 2021

Shrimp Fried Rice


at Hong Kong

-Suseok, Namyangju, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ and Mom

The bad news is that Hong Kong no longer makes noodles by hand (see 2.193 Jaengban Nakji Jjajang Myeon), which was the initial selling point for this restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

The good news is that the food remains decent, although no longer special.   The previously excellent shrimp fried rice (see most recently 2.220 Shrimp Fried Rice) has since lapsed to mainstream mediocrity – i.e., kinda bland, compensated by a side of jjajang sauce – but edible.  The jjambbong was pretty good, even without the hand-made noodles.  Okay for a quick snack but not worth a planned visit.

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