12.214 Ham & Cheese Melt

Cycle 12 – Cycle 214

7 (Sat) August 2021

Ham & Cheese Melt


at The Dice Latte

-Hwigyeong, Dongdaemun, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

The Dice Latte is a board game café and comic book store.  Unlike other board game cafés in Korea, this place has a broad range of English-language games, including many role-playing games likely unavailable elsewhere.  A beverage purchase comes with 1 hour of game time, plus 2,000 won per additional hour.  Light snacks are made to order.  Possibly the only business of its kind in the city/country.

Just last night, IZ was lamenting yet again that he didn’t have English-speaking friends to play Dungeons & Dragons with, so I did a search in Seoul and came across The Dice Latte.  It hosts weekly D&D sessions, including one for kids, but they’re currently on hold due to the pandemic.  We dropped by this afternoon to check the place out and ended up staying 4.5 hours playing a board game version of D&D.

The sandwich was good.



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