13.012 Shrimp Tacos

Cycle 13 – Item 12

17 (Mon) January 2022

Shrimp Tacos


at God Eat

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


God Eat is a Mexican restaurant.  Specializes in Tex-Mex.  The etymology of the name starts with the English “got it,” which became “갓잇” in Korean, then transliterated back into English as “God Eat” – one of the dumbest names in GMTD history.

Located in a renovated house, way down a back alley.
Despite what the quiet, spacious interior would suggest, a long line of waiting customers had formed by 1145.

The 1-page menu is mostly about tacos and burritos, and a few other items.

Buffalo wings??

The food was pretty good.

The shrimp in the tacos were kinda bland (likely the kind that come peeled and frozen in a bag), but otherwise the toppings were fresh, nicely seasoned, and well balanced, all wrapped in soft flour tortillas.

The problem with the chicken burrito was that the components didn’t include any binding agent (e.g., refried beans or sour cream or guacamole) – also, it came pre-cut, further destabilizing the structure – so the whole thing fell apart into separate pieces after a couple bites – better to order this in bowl form.

Looking forward to the enchilada.



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