13.111 Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce + Fried Rice + Salad

Cycle 13 – Item 111

26 (Tue) April 2022

Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce + Fried Rice + Salad



-Hannam, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with staff

We’re holding a book fair this week at YISS, one of the largest international schools in the country.

Anticipated to be our biggest fair yet.
Prototypes of new bags that I designed myself.

I’ll be on site for the duration to oversee the implementation of an inventory tracking system that W has developed.

The cafeteria (students/staff are allowed to talk but through barriers).

In light of the school’s proximity to Itaewon, I would love to go out for lunch, but the tight schedule will likely keep me on campus.

Daily choice of Korean or “Western” meal, served on trays, refills available.

In addition to the main items, the meal comes with a salad bar, well-stocked with fresh/canned vegetables.

If only everyone in the world had access to this kind of thing on a daily basis.

The food was pretty good, especially the salad bar.

My staff seemed very puzzled that I would eat vegetables without dressing: “But then it’s not a salad, just raw vegetables.”


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