13.341 Eomuk Gimbap

Cycle 13 – Item 341

12 (Mon) December 2022

Eomuk Gimbap


at Eomuk Nara

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W

Eomuk Nara (어묵나라) is a Korean snack chain.  Offers classic street food (see generally 3.164 The Trinity), including their eponymous eomuk (fish cake aka odeng).  Currently 39 shops, mostly in and around Seoul.

Curiously, 3 consecutive stops on Line #2 (green line), starting with Ttukseom Station host an Eomuk Nara – a broader map shows many stores inside subway stops across the city.

I go to Eomuk Nara on occasion, either for a mid-afternoon snack, or a preprandial nosh on the way home (if I’m not driving, I take Line #2 to Jamsil then bus #31 to Wirye).

As seen in the map above, Ttukseom Station Exit 5 is 2 blocks north east of SK Techno Building, where our office/warehouse is.

Yet another example of traditional street food driven into brick-and-mortar environments (see for example 12.148 Ggoma Gimbab; 12.304 Busan Eomuk).

Quiet at 3pm, the place gets packed at rush hour.

Eomuk Gimbap is a dish at Eomuk Nara.  It’s a gimbap stuffed with lots of eomuk, plus pickled radish and burdock root.

Hmm.  Not a standard formulation, but the components made it feel/taste immediately familiar.  I didn’t not like it.

1,500 won each, totally worth it.

So-called “Busan Eomuk,” I have direct observational evidence that restaurants in Busan don’t call it that (see generally 13.094 Just Regular Eomuk).


(See also HANSIK)

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