14.004 Nampodong Ddeokbokki

Cycle 14 – Item 4

9 (Mon) January 2023

Nampodong Ddeokbokki


at Halmeoni Garae Ddeokbokki

-Jangji, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

Halmeoni Garae Ddeokbokki is a Korean restaurant chain.  Specializes in ddeokbokki, made to order.  No official information on when the chain was founded, but blogs referencing the brand seem to date no earlier than 2020.  Already 1 billion stores around the country.

Located on the north side of the plaza, a 5-minute bike ride from home.

This was more of a snack than a proper dinner.  After riding around the neighborhood on a chilly Monday afternoon – IZ’s last day of winter break – we felt like eating something warm.

An essential element of the modern chain restaurant is the self-order kiosk, sometimes a tabletop tablet.

Garae ddeok is a type of Korean rice cake.  Made of ground rice powder, steamed, then pulled in cylinders, ranging in thickness from 2 to 4 cm in diameter.  Can be served as is or grilled, sometimes sprinkled with sugar/honey, but most commonly found in ddeokbokki (aka “rice pinkies”).

Odd to include “garae” as a qualifier for ddeokbokki, which by default used garae ddeok.

Maybe “nampodong = sausage”?

Getting really tired of these franchise chains.

(See also HANSIK)


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