I have visited China 8 times proper, plus 5 layovers.  Chinese cuisine in general is my favorite, especially Cantonese, especially Singaporean-style Chinese.   Unfortunately, my traveling experiences in China itself have been rather disappointing.

  1. Hong Kong (1997) [pre-GMTD]
  2. Shanghai (2008) [pre-GMTD]
  3. Beijing (2009): World Medical Conference [pre-GMTD]
  4. Hong Kong (2011): Frontiers in Medical and Health Sciences Education Conference
  5. Hong Kong (2012): AUSOM Class of 2012 Graduation Trip
  6. Wuhan (2013): 45th Conference of the Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health
  7. Beijing (2016): 2nd International Symposium on Tobacco Control & Law (WHO mission)
  8. Shanghai (2019): 3rd Meeting on Health Professional Education Reforms in Transition Economy Countries (WHO mission)

“CHN” is the country’s 3-letter abbreviation within the United Nations system.

These commercial eating establishments in CHN, as featured on GMTD, are arranged geographically, then listed alphabetically.  Some might no longer be in operation.

Venues in other countries can be accessed via the COUNTRIES index.

* recommended

** highly recommended


  1. * Dali Courtyard (7.145 Some Kind of Baby Zucchinis)
  2. Golden Lake (7.145 Some Kind of Baby Zucchinis)
  3. Jing Zun (7.146 Peking Duck)

Hong Kong

  1. Aberdeen Fishball & Noodles Restaurant (2.332 Xiao Long Bao)
  2. ** Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (IFC Mall) (2.332 Xiao Long Bao) (5.182 Steamed Shrimp Dumplings)
  3. Green River Restaurant (2.331 Sautéed Scallop with Celery and Cashew Nut) (2.332 Xiao Long Bao)
  4. Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant (5.182 Steamed Shrimp Dumplings)
  5. Jumbo Kingdom (2.331 Sautéed Scallop with Celery and Cashew Nut)
  6. * One Dim Sum (5.182 Steamed Shrimp Dumplings)
  7. * Star Seafood Restaurant (3.140 Noodles with Shrimp and Squash)
  8. Studio Lounge (Disney Hollywood Hotel) (3.139 Stir-Fried Flat Noodles in Soy Sauce)
  9. University of Hong Kong Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine Cafeteria (3.141 Flying Roast Goose)
  10. ** Yung Kee (3.141 Flying Roast Goose)

Hong Kong International Airport

  1. Barbecue Plus (2.333 Roast Duck)
  2. Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge – The Bridge (10.231 Wonton Noodles in Soup)
  3. Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge – The Pier (10.231 Wonton Noodles in Soup)
  4. Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge – The Wing (10.049 Termite Mushroom Steamed Halibut)
  5. Club Autus Lounge (10.042 Grilled Peri Peri Chicken Thigh)
  6. * Maxim Jade Garden (3.142 Roasted Goose) (5.204 Stir-Fried Spotted Garoupa with Vegetables)


  1. Chinese Restaurant (Blue Palace Hotel) (10.200 Fish Fillet in Hot Chili Oil); (10.201 Braised Pork & Tofu)

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

  1. No. 77 China Eastern Plaza Premium Lounge (10.202 Classic Shanghai Noodle with Spring Onion Oil)


  1. Cheers Palace (4.291 Roasted Pigeon in Shiqi Style) (4.293 Yabozi)
  2. Ch-Show Restaurant (4.291 Roasted Pigeon in Shiqi Style)
  3. ! Hongyi Hotel (4.292 Chicken with Mushrooms & Morning Glory) (4.293 Yabozi) (4.294 Steamed Wuchang Fish (Salad Oil))
  4. Luo Jia Shan Hotel (4.292 Chicken with Mushrooms & Morning Glory)
  5. Zhao Ha Ya (4.293 Yabozi)

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