1.026 Chicken Soft Taco + 7-Layer Burrito


31 (Sun) January 2010

Chicken Soft Taco + 7-Layer Burrito


at Taco Bell

-Bosan (Camp Casey), Dongducheon, Gyeonggi, Korea-

with TJB

By pure coincidence, following 3 consecutive nights of planned meals in the Mexican tradition (see previously 1.025 Shrimp Fajitas), I found myself at Taco Bell. More specifically, I found myself in a food court that had a Taco Bell booth, along with other fast food titans. I couldn’t resist the opportunity. Taco Bell is not available in Korea, although one is currently under construction in Itaewon, but I was invited on base by an old fraternity buddy of mine, TJB, who happens to be stationed at Camp Casey, where our brave servicemen and servicewomen may avail themselves of Taco Bell every night, should they foolishly choose to do so. I don’t know if I was tired of Mexican food at this point, although the connection between Taco Bell and real Mexican food (assuming what I made is “real” Mexican food) is somewhat tenuous, or if I’d outgrown Taco Bell (it’d been years since the last time, can’t even remember when), or if Taco Bell had lost its magic (yes, magic), or if the Taco Bell on base wasn’t up to the high standards of Stateside establishments (yes, high standards), but in any event I was a bit disappointed.


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