1.052 Bamboo Shoots in XO Sauce


26 (Fri) February 2010

Bamboo Shoots in XO Sauce


at Poom

-Huam (Namsan), Yongsan, Seoul, Korea-

with W

Poom is a Korean restaurant.  Traditional foods, prepared and plated in modern fashion.  Table d’hôte.  Prix fixe – super expensive.


Today is W’s birthday, so we splurged.

The food itself was excellent.  Immaculate ingredients, perfectly balanced flavors and textures.

However, as with most such so-called haute cuisine spreads, my biggest gripe was the portion sizes.  No matter how good the food may be, I need enough of it to walk away satisfied.

NOTE: In 2016, when the Seoul edition of the Michelin Guide was published, Poom was awarded one star – whatever that may be worth.

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