1.144 Grilled Yangnyeom Galbisal


29 (Sat) May 2010

Grilled Yangnyeom Galbisal

(see WHAT)


by YYH

at Daegwallyeon Natural Recreation Forest

(see WHERE)

-Gangneung, Gangwon, Seoul, Korea-

with MtG et al.

For my second camping trip with the Backcountry Camping group (see most recently 1.053 Franks & Beans), MtG and I met up with the others at the campgrounds.

The national park includes a small campgrounds.
Each site includes a wooden deck and picnic table.
For Koreans, camping is all about the food, the booze, the conversation.
Whether brought by car or backpack, the set-up and scale is pretty much the same.

The term “galbi” literally means “rib.”  So, in the context of Korean barbecue, galbi typically includes an actual rib bone, plus the meat, whether beef .

Another option is galbisal (갈비살), which literally means “rib meat.” The meat has been pre-cut off the bone and served in bite-sized pieces.

While Korean barbecue outside of Korea tends to emphasize marinated meats, Koreans in Korea tend to prefer meats to be unmarinated.  By default, an order of galbi or galbisal would come without marinade.  The descriptor “yangnyeom” (양념), which just means “sauce,” is usually affixed when marinade is involved, such as yangnyeom galbi or yangnyeom galbisal.

This ingenious gadget, made for cooking meats on a portable gas burner, includes a top grill attached to a lower screen that catches drippings.

One of the items at dinner was yangnyeom galbisal by a new acquaintance, YYH.  Perfectly seasoned in the marinade, perfectly tender beef, perfectly cooked with bits of char from the burner.  It was just one of the many amazing things that she busted out during the course of the long evening.

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