1.147 Gyeran Mari


1 (Tue) June 2010

Gyeran Mari (WHAT)


at Darak (WHERE)

-Suwon, Gyeonggi, Korea-

with students

Gyeran mari (계란말이) is a Korean dish.  Simply an egg omelet that’s rolled several times over. The name means “rolled (mari) egg (gyeran).”  In addition to eggs, it usually contains minced onions and carrots and scallions and other aromatics, and sometimes cheese and ham and other specialty items. It’s often served with ketchup as a dipping sauce, especially in bars where the dish is a very popular anju (안주) (a food served for the express purpose of accompanying alcohol). At home or in restaurants, the dish is also popular as a banchan (반찬) (a side dish), though typically without dipping sauce.

Having just learned about the marvels of squeeze bottles a few years ago, Korean cooks are still having a lot of fun with them. Zigzag de rigueur.

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