1.164 Octopus & Chive Salad


18 (Fri) June 2010

Octopus & Chive Salad


by other

at Peace Dam Campsite (WHERE)

-Hwacheon, Gangwon, Seoul, Korea-

with MtG, various members of Backcountry Camping

Despite the group’s name, a trip organized by Backcountry Camping typically involves a setting up base camp at a formal campsite, accessible by car.



The Peace Dam is a dam on the Bukhan River.  Located a few kilometers south of the border Demilitarized Zone, it was built as a protective measure in case of (natural/accidental/intentional) flooding from the north.



Backcountry Camping trips – all Korean camping trips – also involve copious amounts of food and drink, often consumed deep into the night (see most recently 1.144 Grilled Yangnyeom Galbisal).

Combined, MtG and I brought a Chinese theme to the party (e.g., mapa tofu, spring rolls, gaoliangju) (WHAT).

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