1.224 Bibimbap


17 (Tue) August 2010



at Soman

-Jayang, Gwangjin, Seoul, Korea-

with DJ

Recently, the Han Riverside Park by Ttukseom Station has transformed into quite an impressive display of urban planning.  The station, which is part of the green subway line (line 2), is located on the Hangang Bridge on the north riverbank.  Part of the attraction, apparently, is sitting beneath the bridge and watching the trains rumble overhead.  In addition to the subway, another draw is the Han River Cruise Ship, which stops at the dock just below the park along its way between Jamsil and Gangnam.  The park itself is immaculately groomed, with grass fields, expansive shrubbery maze, brick walkways, stone steps leading directly to the waterfront. It has badminton courts, a playground for kids, and a 30-meter rock climbing wall.  An odd futuristic tube-like stainless steel structure adjoins the subway station, giving no indication as to its function or contents, which turns out to include a coffee shop, Korean restaurant, and art gallery.


DJ’s been dying to ride the cruise ship.

After taking the cruise and returning to the dock, we went to explore the tube and discovered the restaurant, which actually wasn’t too bad considering that it’s somewhat like a cafeteria with quick, easy-to-serve items on the menu.  The bibimbap was decent, promptly served, and reasonably priced for a tourist trap at 8,000 won.



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