1.245 Wings


7 (Tue) September 2010



at 3-Alley Pub

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Korea-

with CBD

3-Alley Pub is an American restaurant/bar.

The manager is an obnoxious pig named Albert, from Canada.  His attitude towards locals is aloof at best, outright condescending or even contemptuous at times, even though Koreans now seem to comprise at least half the clientele.

On Tuesdays, the establishment offers deep-fried wings at 300 won a piece, various levels of heat.

Beware of the “insane” level.  The proud group of macho Korean men that I was with this evening, who all claimed to love hot foods, as do most proud macho Korean men, each had a nibble and then nearly threw up. I sampled one of these wings once, once, and it made me dizzy. The restaurant really ought to have a legal disclaimer, you know, like warning people they could die. Seriously.


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