1.261 Wanja


23 (Thu) September 2010



from Wonjo Okcheon Naeng Myeon

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with solo

Wanja (완자) is a Korean dish.  A type of jeon, a meat pancake of ground pork and/or beef, plus some sort of binding agent to make them dense and chewy, each about the size and thickness of a burger patty, coated in egg-wash, pan-fried.  In my experience, the dish is exclusive to the town of Okcheon, at several restaurants also famous for a unique type of mul naeng myeon, supposedly made in the style of the Hwanghae province in North Korea, so maybe that’s where they’re from.  Similar to the more common donggeurang-ddaeng, which are smaller and more like flattened meatballs.

Whereas the door-to-door distance from our home in Seoul to my uncle’s cabin in Hoengseong registers 99.8 km on the trip meter (I kid you not), the exit to Okcheon is almost exactly halfway at the 49.8-km mark (I kid you not).

We drop by on occasion, both for lunch and takeout.  

These were leftovers from Wonjo Okcheon Naeng Myeon that I brought home and refried.  Still good.


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