1.280 Holic Chicken Baguette + Ddeok Galbi Burger


12 (Tue) October 2010

Holic Chicken Baguette + Ddeok Galbi Burger


at Bubble Buns

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

Bubble Buns is a fusionistic restaurant.  Offers burgers/sandwiches combining American and Korean elements.

Holic Chicken Baguette.  In Korea, the term “holic,” derived presumably from “alcoholic,” has come to mean “addicted” or “obsessed” as a marketing gimmick, though without any pejorative connotations.  (There’s even a local denim clothing brand called “Jean Holic.”) The name of the sandwich is supposed to imply, I guess, that it’s for people addicted to chicken or that the sandwich itself is worthy of addiction or maybe that the chicken is addicted to the baguette – I doubt that whoever came up with the name thought it out that far. Anyway, it’s basically a baguette cut in half with most of the bread scraped out, filled with chicken that’s been diced and seasoned in some kind of light soy marinade and grilled with onions and paprika. The veggies were rather limp and the entire sandwich was somewhat mushy, but otherwise not too terrible. Just unimaginative. 3,500 won.

Ddeok Galbi Burger.  A variation on the classic galbi, which typically comprises grilled pork or beef ribs in a sweet sesame soy marinade, ddeok galbi involves mincing the meat and forming it into a patty, a cake of sorts (ddeok = rice cake).  Here, the patty was tossed between a pair of buns to get a natural if obvious Korean-American fusion burger. Oddly, the bread had some kind of Dorito-like seasoning on the surface. Not too terrible. Just unimaginative. 3,500 won.


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