1.281 Set A: Bugeo Guk


13 (Wed) October 2010

Set A: Bugeo Guk


at Suninje (Ajou University School of Medicine)

-Woncheon, Yeongtong, Suwon, Gyeonggi, Korea-


Bugeo guk is a Korean dish.  Dried pollack (bugeo) with bean sprouts and tofu and garlic and scallions in a mild soup (guk).  Quick and convenient, as the bugeo can be stored in the freezer forever, the rest of the ingredients being pantry staples.

In Korean, the fish pollack goes by at least 8 names that I know of, depending on the method of storage/preparation.  The fish in its basic fresh form is “myeongtae.”  The term “bugeo” refers to dried myeongtae.  At some later point, I will attempt to explain why this particular fish goes by so many names.

While I did write in a prior post that this student cafeteria is “probably my least favorite place to eat in the world,” it’s really not that bad, especially at 2,700 won per person.  But it’s prepared and served in a such sloppy manner that doesn’t generate much enthusiasm.  By contrast, the staff cafeteria in the hospital is much better, and the faculty cafeteria is actually pretty good.  All operated by the same supplier Arakor, they should put more effort into the meals for students.


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