1.282 Makchang


14 (Thu) October 2010



at Gohyang Makchang

-Mapo, Mapo, Seoul, Korea-

with MtG, CBD

Makchang is a Korean dish.  Part of the pork intestinal tract, the fourth and last compartment of the stomach of ruminants, which receives and digests food from the psalterium and passes it on to the small intestine.  Sliced cross-sectionally into rings, marinated, grilled, usually DIY tableside in the style of Korean BBQ, along with kimchi and other side dishes.  

My first experience, I found makchang to take like ass, literally. More accurately, it tasted like shit, literally.  Reportedly, some restaurants wash the parts in bleach to eliminate the fecal flavor, though purists would poo-poo the idea – pun fully intended, thank you. Apparently, makchang is so treasured in certain parts of the country that it’s hard to come by here in Seoul and thus relatively expensive at 9,000 won per serving.


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