1.284 Ssanghwa Cha


16 (Sat) October 2010

Ssanghwa Cha


by YYH

at Sindo

-Sindo, Bukdo, Incheon, Korea-

with the Family, CBD

Sindo is an island off the northwest coast of Korea.


Selected beaches on Sindo are open for campers.

The camping crew and the family joined forces for an overnight camping trip to Sindo.



As on any camping trip, so much food was served throughout the day that selecting a dish for today’s GMTD post was difficult.

My main contribution was Philly Cheesesteaks.  I am expected to make something unhealthily American.

Ssanghwa cha is a Korean tea.  The drink is brewed of traditional herbs, then supplemented with nuts, topped with an egg yolk – somewhere between a medicinal tonic and a comfort food.  In fact, it’s sometimes referred to as a “tang (soup).”

In some ways, it’s the polar opposite of the cheesesteak, nutritionally and culturally.

Not sure what inspired YYH to make a batch.  Everyone, except DJ and me, seemed to enjoy it.


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