1.326 Meatball Sandwich + Buffalo Chicken Burger with Fries


27 (Thu) November 2010

Meatball Sandwich + Buffalo Chicken Burger with Fries


from Naked Grill

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-


With this third experience, I am now convinced that Naked Grill knows its business. As I said before, the food isn’t awesome, just reliable, and done properly with respect to the basics, which is the least that one could ask for in a cheap corner diner, but something that’s nearly impossible to find here in Korea. Case in point, the squishy roll used for the meatball sandwich made the whole thing taste/feel authentic, even though the meatball part of it was merely decent. Same with the buffalo chicken burger’s toasted bun; the chicken, a deep-fried breast topped with that spicy-tangy sauce associated with buffalo wings, merely decent.  Their fries, on the other hand, were awesome without qualification, as usual.


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