1.334 Chef’s Combo Beef


5 (Sun) December 2010

Chef’s Combo Beef


at Samwon

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family

Samwon is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in beef and pork barbecue.  Been around for decades. (Located in the same building as Haddon Market, where I do a lot of my imported food shopping, like, say, for bottled saurkraut.)  

I’d been looking to try it ever since we moved back to Oksu a few years ago.  Though it was a long time coming, I was completely underwhelmed by the experience. Perhaps too much anticipation. While the “chef’s combo” was reasonably priced at 20,000 won for a 200-gram serving of beef, the photo shows 2 servings, consisting of whatever combination of cuts the chef felt like giving us, the meat itself was entirely devoid of flavor, which isn’t to say that it was bad or off in any way, just didn’t taste like anything.

Maybe I was distracted by the family at the next table, a white guy with a Korean wife and a teenage daughter wearing a Seoul Foreign School sweatshirt, all having some inane/insane conversation about how mushrooms are so yummy even though some of them can be poisonous and so isn’t it right daddy that you’re like not supposed to like eat like wild mushrooms like in the forest because you could like die?  SFS sucks, like still.


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