1.336 Pork Jeon


7 (Tue) December 2010

Pork Jeon


by Nanny 2

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-


While many illnesses are food borne, I’m wondering whether I nearly died yesterday from the stale taco shells, which were over a year past their printed date of expiration.  Later that night, I succumbed to a severe and acute state of illness, the likes of which I’d never experienced in my life. For a period of several hours in the middle of the night, I was feverish to the point of delirium. In the throes of death – I believed/hoped that I wasn’t going to die, but I imagined that this is what it would feel like when the time came – I recall my wife touching my forehead and saying dismissively, “Oh, you’re not that hot.” Insulting in so many ways, especially for a person about to die.


When I managed to crawl out of bed 20 hours later, I discovered that our nanny, who usually cooks whatever she feels like and doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether anyone’s going to enjoy it, had prepared a spread that included the only thing in her repertoire that she knows I actually like: pork jeon (전), which are like flattened meatballs but with more veggies and seasoned with soy sauce. Food was actually the last thing on my mind, but I had to eat something, if only for this infernal blog, so I gratefully forced down a few, though I didn’t touch the rest of the spread.


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