1.347 Costco Goodies


18 (Sat) December 2010

Costco Goodies


from Costco

at Banyan Tree Club & Spa

-Jangchung, Jung, Seoul, Korea-

with HSK and his new wife, DJ, and select wedding guests

On this day, my best friend HSK got married.

After the wedding, I organized an informal reception for the newlyweds and their closest friends at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa in their honeymoon suite, which we had chipped in to provide the couple as a wedding gift.  Because the gathering immediately followed the noon-time ceremony, which included a buffet lunch, food wasn’t a major concern, so I picked up a few party trays and a few bottles of wine from Costco.   It turned out great.


By 1500, I was trashed.  I hadn’t eaten lunch, and I hadn’t had any significant amount of alcohol in over a month, leaving my body both hungry for booze but unready for it.



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