1.359 Vegetable Curry Set


30 (Thu) December 2010

Vegetable Curry Set


at Pooja

-Gwanghui, Jung, Seoul, Korea-

with W

Pooja is an Indian restaurant.

W and I were taking in a movie, and this heretofore unbeknownst Indian joint next to the theater caught my eye. I can’t recall the last time, in fact ever, having a meal in a restaurant on the 4th floor of a building without an elevator. When we first got married, we lived in 3-story walkup with a 4th floor/roof where we often had barbecue parties, but that’s different. In any event, I can’t say whether this apparent impediment to foot traffic was a factor, but the restaurant was completely empty. And judging by the fact that the heat was off when we entered – they turned on the heater as soon as we were seated – I’m guessing that the emptiness is a typical situation.

Which is a shame because the food was quite good and very reasonably priced. We ordered the vegetable curry set, which included a small bowl each dal makhani, mixed vegetable curry, and paneer butter masala, a lousy shredded cabbage salad, that sweet milky dessert thing that I never eat and so never bothered to learn the name of, a serving of rice, which was surprisingly a mix of domestic and basmati, and plain naan.  All for just 14,000 won. Not the best curries by far but a good value overall.

Would definitely going back for a second round, if they stay in business.

This was the 7th meal remaining in Cycle 1 of GMTD.


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