2.001 Kal Guksu with Clams & Kimchi


6 (Thu) January 2011

Kal Guksu with Clams & Kimchi


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family

Having previously posted on the chicken version of kal guksu, the version here is an equally popular alternative consisting of clams.  The clams tend to give the broth a lighter, more refreshing flavor than the dense, rich taste of chicken broth.

The kimchi – not standard – gives it a slight kick.

The noodles come in three forms: fresh and hand cut (the real deal, the literal “knife (kal) guksu (noodles),” frozen (as before), and dry (as here).

I’m beginning to prefer dry, which leaves the clear and crisp.  By contrast, fresh or frozen noodles, which have a lot of residual flour that thickens the broth.

Alas, something went terribly awry.  In all likelihood, my congested upper respiratory system had an adverse effect on my senses either as I was seasoning the broth or eating or both.  I barely managed a few swallows of the noodles but couldn’t touch the soup, which was bland and salty at the same time.  What a lousy start to Cycle 2.

On the other hand, DJ ate it up, and he’s quite the budding gourmand, so maybe it wasn’t that bad. Then again, he’ll eat anything that includes clams – I gave him most of the clams.

For Cycle 2 of GMTD, every post will feature a different dish, no repeats.

As such, clam kal gusku, at least by me, will never again be featured during Cycle 2.  

I’m still debating whether repetitions of a given dish from different sources (e.g., different restaurants) would be permissible.  I’m also considering what level of variation (e.g., varying combinations of vegetables) in a given dish would be permissible.  We’ll see how it goes, but I intend to adhere to the spirit of the endeavor in good faith.

Thanks for your continuing support!


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