2.037 Hawaiian Pizza


11 (Fri) February 2011

Hawaiian Pizza


from Papa John’s Pizza

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with DJ

Hawaiian Pizza is a type of pizza.  Consists of pineapples bits, sliced Canadian bacon or any kind of ham, tomato sauce, cheese.  Claimed to be invented in Canada, though now an international standard.

I don’t like fruit, even more so as an ingredient, especially cooked.  Citrus juices and zests are welcome, though absolutely not the flesh thereof.  (Also don’t like nuts.)

Beyond my general dislike of fruit, I detest Hawaiian Pizza especially.  I cannot stand the mushy warm sweet sour pineapples bits, which seem grossly antithetical to the creamy savoriness of pizza.  Even when the pineapple bits are removed, I can still taste the remnant tanginess.  I am incredulous that it has somehow become a standard item on most pizza menus, at least from international chains.

I try to include DJ in mealtime decision-making, so I was reading aloud from the Papa John’s menu and describing the toppings, when the mention of pineapples caught his attention. Although I tried desperately to persuade him onto something else, anything else, he was adamant.

I wonder if Italians eat Hawaiian Pizza.


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