2.057 Turkey Sandwich


3 (Thu) March 2011

Turkey Sandwich


from Subway

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Every sandwich that I order from Subway goes as follows, in this exact order: mayonnaise and mustard on the bread, meat, no cheese, lettuce and tomato, salt and pepper on the tomato, bell peppers and extra black olives.

Strangely, the “sandwich engineer” (or whatever they’re called) always looks at me strangely whenever I insist that the mayo and mustard go on the bread directly.  I once rattled off the ingredients in no particular order, and the guy squeezed the condiments onto the vegetables at the end of the process.  Assuming their methods are derived from HQ-directed standard operating procedures to ensure franchise consistency, I find it hard to believe that an American sandwich chain would instruct their people to place the condiments anywhere but on the bread.  Goddammit, since when does mayo and mustard go anywhere but on the bread!?!?  I can’t remember how Subway does it in the States.

(Here, I added a few dashed on Tapatio when I got home.)

My visit to Subway was prompted by an impending camping trip this weekend, where I’m assigned the task of making cheese-steak sandwiches for lunch.  Whereas hoagie rolls are hard to come by here in Korea, I thought maybe that I could buy some from Subway, but they declined.

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