2.076 Ugeoji-Seonji Tang Leftovers with Steamed Rice


22 (Tue) March 2011

Ugeoji-Seonji Tang Leftovers with Steamed Rice


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Seonji (선지) is boiled beef or pork blood.  When boiled, the blood turns black and solidifies into chunks with a not-entirely-pleasant soft and crumbly texture and a not-entirely-unpleasant taste resembling nothing else that I’m aware of.  That distinct flavor of sundae (순대) (blood sausages), as well as their dark color, comes from the blood.  Sometimes, seonji is added to soups.

Presented here are the leftovers of an ugeoji-seonji tang brought home from some restaurant by our nanny for lunch.  Although I’m growing to like the taste of seonji, I’m still not a fan of biting into it, preferring instead to mash it up into the mix.  I do love ugeoji, however, especially when prepared spicy.  So, I was eager to scrounge what little remained in the pot, even though most of the broth was gone by that point, making it more of a topping than a soup.

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