2.114 A Pair of Pig Nipples


29 (Fri) April 2011

A Pair of Pig Nipples


at Ddungbo Dweji Galbi Tong Gogi

-Pil, Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w W and DJ, MtG

Ddungbo Dweji Galbi Tong Gogi (뚱보 돼지갈비 통고기) is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in Korean BBQ, specifically pork, including pork skin.

Dweji Ggeopdaegi (돼지 껍대기 is pork skin.  ㅆhe outer layer of the pig is stripped away from the subcutaneous fat and meat, seasoned in a soy-based marinade, grilled to a crisp, and eaten with kimchi and other sides, much like other forms of Korean BBQ.  In addition to the tufts of hair that sometimes come with any given piece, the distinctly porky smell/taste makes this one of those so-called “delicacies” that take getting used to.  Koreans tend to regard pork skin as being both healthful – based on a partially true but mostly erroneous belief that it’s pure collagen, a type of protein, not fat – and medicinal – based on an unproven but probably erroneous belief that collagen, which is often used in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as a replacement or filler for skin, contributes to better complexion when consumed.


Copious amounts of wasabi help to mask any off flavors.

Although my prior experiences with pork skin have been less than enjoyable, this 30-year-old restaurant’s offering was surprisingly quite palatable. No tufts of hair. No porky smell/taste. Just chewy goodness.

I was lucky enough to get the part with the nipple, which are apparently rare – you know, just 18 per pig – and reserved for special customers, so I wanted to draw attention to my good fortune.  In fact, we were given 2 nipples.

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