2.120 Pork Goulash


5 (Thu) May 2011

Pork Goulash


by WHO

at HB’s home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with meeting participants

Research Trip to WHO + First Overseas Family Vacation (Day 2 of 6)

In Manila.  Here to participate in an expert consultation on public health law at WHO.  W and DJ will join me in Cebu for a weekend holiday.

Second time in the Philippines (see most recently 2.036 Sautéed Seafood Delights in Mandarin-Style XO Sauce).

In the DHS conference room.

Among many, the main objective of the meeting is to get recommendations from health law experts in the region – I’ve now been officially deemed an expert on something, if only in name – towards developing a tool for assessing health legislation in countries across the Western Pacific.

Lunch was set aside for the meeting participants – quite an extravagant spread, for just 10 of us.

HB, Director of the Health Services Development Division (DHS), graciously hosted a dinner party at his home for the participants after the meeting wrapped for the day.  The food was catered by the kitchen staff that makes the cafeteria food.  After dinner, he busted out his single malt collection – regrettably, I was too excited to get a photo.

What’s kinda cool and yet a bit stuffy about WHO functions is that everything is so official. I received 23 emails just about my flight reservation, hotel accommodation, and per diem. Even the dinner was preceded by a printed invitation. I could go on at length about the questionable justification for allocating funds to make printed invitations while most countries/territories in the region are strapped for resources, but I won’t. I’m still getting used to, but liking, the “Dr. Hahm” thing.

Goulash is a Hungarian dish.

My first experience, it was simply pork cross-cut ribs and mushrooms in a paprika gravy with whole black peppercorns.  Quite nice, especially the peppery flavor, though the meat was a bit dry.

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