2.129 Haemul Dubu Jeongol


14 (Sat) May 2011

Haemul Dubu Jeongol


at Kongbbadu

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, Dad

Kongbbadu (콩빠두) is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in tofu.  The name of the place is a portmanteau of “kongmulae bbajin dubu” (콩에 빠진 두부), which means “tofu (dubu) that’s fallen/submerged (bbajin) in bean juice (kongmul).”  Their signature dish is a bowl of hand-made tofu served in a chilled white liquid derived from pressing soy beans.

Before this week, the restaurant had been a tiny 2-table hole-in-the-wall located elsewhere in the neighborhood, now moved to a larger, centrally situated space near the subway.

Although the dish presented here is called “jeongol” on the menu, it was more of a simple jjigae (찌개).  In fact, it tasted exactly like sundubu jjigae but with the tofu inexplicably crumbled and incorporated into the broth.  And the amount of seafood (haemul) was paltry, most of the clams being dead or too sickly to open.  At 25,000 won, a total ripoff.  But it tasted alright, I guess.

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4 thoughts on “2.129 Haemul Dubu Jeongol

  1. “most of the clams being dead or too sickly to open.”

    Sounds like the perfect recipe to get food poisoning…

    1. i have a 2-step safety process for clams: i throw out any that remain open while being handled raw (healthy ones will shut tight in defense), and throw out any that stay closed after cooking (healthy ones will open wide in reaction to the heat).

      1. Yes I use the same process, but I meant that the restaurant should have done that? I.e checking that the clams had opened before serving them. I don’t think I have had to throw clams away I got served at a restaurant. I might misremember though.

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