2.136 Diablo Pork Pocket


21 (Sat) May 2011

Diablo Pork Pocket


by MtG

at Lujanggol Camp Grounds

-Gangneung, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, MtG, CBD

On the occasion of Backcountry Camping’s two-year anniversary, over 60 members and their families gathered to celebrate over the weekend, some arriving Friday evening with the main events to take place on Saturday and Sunday.

On a small plot of land adjacent to but not affiliated with the campsite, a mode of accommodation referred to in Korea as a “pension” was available for the not-so-outdoorsy types.  Pensions are basically guest houses for rent, often free-standing and constructed in a cabin style, though sometimes combined together in larger building like a hotel.  They’re popular these days, particularly among families looking to get away to the countryside while having all the amenities of home.

Anticipating rain and cold weather, we rented one.  Once inside, W and DJ, as well as the other moms and kids in our group, didn’t budge.  They ate their meals separately within the warm and dry confines of the pension, while the rest of us (the men) huddled beneath the tarps on the campsite.  Except that I had to shuttle back and forth to deliver food and drinks throughout the evening, it was actually a blessing for me, not having to worry about my family in the mud.  All in all, a good compromise, one that we’ll surely employ in the future to make sure everyone’s happy.

There was so much food that I can barely remember what I shoved down my pie hole.  In addition to the stuff that we’d brought for ourselves, the organizers had prepared 30 kilograms of pork barbecue, not to mention kimchi and side dishes, as well cake and rice cakes for dessert, and 20 cases of beer. Overkill.

One of the things that stood out was this novelty item from MtG.  It consisted of minced pork and garlic and onions, seasoned with cumin and other spices, sandwiched between two slices of white bread, encased in a two-sided sandwich griddle, and grilled over a flame.  The griddle was a Diablo, a device that cuts the bread into a circular shape and seals the edges in doing so to make a neatly contained pocket. In this case, however, the problem with MtG’s execution was that the pork was dry (I would later insist on adding cheese) and the bread was some kind of sweetish “milk bread” that didn’t go so well with the fillings.  But it was still pretty cool.

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