2.181 Caesar Ham Mozzy Sandwich


5 (Tue) July 2011

Caesar Ham Mozzy Sandwich


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


hoagie roll + honey smoked ham + fresh mozzarella + red bell pepper + romaine + basil + dijon mustard + caesar salad dressing + sea salt + cracked black pepper

Playing around with names, it got as ludicrous as Hammo-Mozzo-Papriko-Basilico-Cesaro, until I settled on the simpler “Caesar Ham Mozzy.”  The play on my surname (Hahm) and the imperial title (Caesar) seemed appropriate within the context of this on-going exercise in vanity, bestowing proper noun status on my own food.  Come to think of it, the “Dominico” in the name of my recently dubbed “signature” dish, Spaghetti Dominico (see 2.176 Spaghetti Dominico with Cherry Tomatoes), which is named after my son, means “of the Lord.”  What I’d thought to be run-of-the-mill delusions of grandeur are perhaps signs of a god complex.

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