2.192 Grilled Wings and Babyback Ribs in Barbecue Sauce


16 (Sat) July 2011

Grilled Wings and Babyback Ribs in Barbecue Sauce


by me

at Palhyeon Camp

-Namyangju, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ, various families from DJ’s daycare

My cousins left this morning, soon followed by my family and families of DJ’s school friends.  We all camped overnight.  In the morning, tomorrow, I would discover the tragedy of leaving my phone in the rain and, more tragically, losing photos of dinner from yesterday and tonight.   Hoping to use a proxy photo taken by someone else, but no – 11 adults, all armed with smart phones, and nobody thought to take a shot of the food, not even a shot of the campgrounds or their kids.

The show goes on.  For tonight’s post, I will use a photo taken by my cousin yesterday.  It was the same food, so close enough.

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