2.259 Farfalle with Turkey, Bacon, and Oyster Mushrooms in Cream Sauce


21 (Wed) September 2011

Farfalle with Turkey, Bacon, and Oyster Mushrooms in Cream Sauce


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

In our family, the most irrefragable indicator as to whether something tastes good is DJ’s initial reaction upon tasting it.  When he was around 6 months old, and we introduced various broths into his diet as part of the weaning process, he would respond very eagerly to soups made from (expensive) top-grade Korean beef but refuse to eat more than the first sip of a soup made from (cheap) inferior imported beef.  Initially a source of unbridled bragging for a food enthusiast about his child’s precocious palate, it quickly became and remains a pain in the ass to satisfy the kid three times a day every day.  Still, having personally been persecuted throughout my life for being a picky eater, I now like to point out that DJ proves my long-held defense that the pickiness is not merely psychological but rather a physiological response to the flavors, both good and bad, that my hyper-sensitive taste buds can recognize – to which my mother, who’s dealt with her own pain in the ass for nearly 4 decades, always retorts “It’s not the pickiness, it’s your nasty attitude.”

Fortunately, DJ isn’t nasty about it, not yet.  Like with tonight’s dish, a passable but far-from-extraordinary cream sauce pasta, he took a bite and thought for a second and shrugged his shoulders and finished around half without ever changing his expression or uttering a word.  I’m thankful for small blessings.

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