2.280 Cheese Pizza


12 (Wed) October 2011

Cheese Pizza


from Pizza School

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Someday soon, I’ll rant about the travesty of pizza as it has become here in Korea.  For now, just to provide a taste of the vitriol to come, I present “cheese pizza,” which of course comes topped with corn.

That aside, I really like the oddly named Pizza School.   It’s perhaps the only pizza chain around, as far as I’m aware, that actually offers value.  The basic pies, one size only, somewhere between a typical medium/large by Korean standards, start at just 5,000 won and max out at around 10,000 won, depending on the toppings.  The pizzas taste just fine, corn notwithstanding, about as good as those no-name delivery joints that would leave menus under my door when I was living in cheap digs during college and grad school in the States.  The drawbacks are that Pizza School doesn’t deliver, and there’s really no proper sit-in dining area (at least at the Oksu location), which is how they justify the low prices.  For skeptics, the pizza box claims that they only use 100% natural cheese.  Come to think of it, nothing justifies a pizza of comparable size costing in excess of 20,000 won, other than the fact that Korean consumers are willing to pay that much.

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