2.281 Bacon Tomato Deluxe


13 (Thu) October 2011

Bacon Tomato Deluxe


by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W and DJ

Selling Out the Integrity of the Blog for Additional Hits, Part 2 (see previously 2.273 Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger Deluxe).

The ceramic plate is but one clue that this photo does not represent reality.

Bacon Tomato Deluxe is a burger from McDonald’s Korea.  It consists of the tripartite Big Mac sesame seed bun + 2 beef patties + 2 slices of strangely sweet bacon + 1 slice of cheese (for some reason, placed at the very bottom of the burger) + 1 slice of tomato + a scattering of shredded iceberg lettuce + sweet chili sauce + mayonnaise.

I found it to be neither here nor there.  It didn’t have the beefiness of a Quarter Pounder Cheese or Grand Prime to make it taste like a bona fide burger, but it didn’t have the artificial uniqueness of a Big Mac or Cheeseburger, which is what I actually like most about McDonald’s.  The tomato was nice, quite possibly the freshest element that I’ve ever encountered at McDonald’s.

This and the Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger Deluxe are the only two items on the current menu referred to as “deluxe,” and the only elements that they have that the others don’t are bacon and tomato, so “deluxe = bacon and/or tomato” in McDonald’s Korea parlance.

Incidentally, Wikipedia has a page that lists country-specific items for the company’s overseas markets (see entry on International Availability of McDonald’s Products).

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