2.304 Grilled Lamb Chops in Tapatio Sauce


5 (Sat) November 2011

Grilled Lamb Chops in Tapatio Sauce


by MtG

at Noeul Park

-Sangam, Mapo, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG + gf, CBD

Since my previous visit (see 1.131 Garlic-Pepper Shrimp), the park has made several changes.  The most significant is a trolley car plus trailer that runs from the parking lot at the foot of the hill to all the way inside the park and the campgrounds.  Now that campers no longer need to lug their crap themselves, the setups all around were significantly more extravagant.  The number of camp sites has expanded to encompass 6 fairways, compared to the previous 2.  With so many more people and so much more gear, the overall vibe had greater energy than before, though cluttered.

Unfortunately for me, soon upon arrival, I received an SOS call from W, pleading for me to return home because she had fallen deathly ill.  I knew – I knew – that she was exaggerating, but I didn’t want to argue, seeing as how she’d been very supportive lately of my outdoor activities.  So, after a few bites, I repacked my crap and got out.  The problem was that I’d hitched a ride with friends on the way there, and no buses run to the park, which is a good 5 km from access to public transportation;  I had to call several taxi services before one would finally agree to send a car, making me wait in the parking lot for over an hour.  Then another 2 hours in Saturday evening traffic.  As suspected, W wasn’t really sick.  Her parents had been called in as well.  When the princess cries sick, the kingdom comes calling.

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