2.314 Pulled Pork Sandwich


15 (Tue) November 2011

Pulled Pork Sandwich


at Bistro Corner

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with HSK

Lacking any other experience with pulled pork, I have no frame of reference against which to judge this sandwich.  All I can say is that it looked and tasted exactly like a sloppy joe: bits and pieces of unidentifiable meat and other ingredients (onions?), topped with cole slaw, slathered in a thick barbecue sauce so overpowering that it rendered everything else inconsequential.  I would’ve imagined pulled pork in its ideal form to be more subtle.  7,500 won for the sandwich alone – with food prices in Seoul these days, anything under 10,000 won seems less-than-outrageous at first glance, but this one was hardly a good value based on both quality and quantity.

Incidentally, I haven’t eaten a sloppy joe since elementary school, but the taste memory was amazingly vivid.

Earlier in the day, DP and his wife JY and son T came over to our apartment for lunch.  For the first hour, T and DJ were content to play separately until they discovered a common interest in Street Fighter IV for iPad/iPhone via Bluetooth.  I used to play Street Fighter II with DP back in college, in the arcade, on those machines that required actual coinage.

A lot of nostalgia in this post.

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