2.321 Godeungeo Jorim


22 (Tue) November 2011

Godeungo Jorim


by the new helper

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Lately, we’ve had a new helper around the house.  Our previous domestic help, Nanny 2, quit for the 3rd time about a month ago to get some rest and spend time with her son, who recently moved to Seoul from Shanghai.  The new maid has come in three times on a part-time basis, including today, 8 hours each day. Based on her performance, the only two chores that she’s capable of, or at least willing to do, would seem to be washing the dishes and cooking.  I suspect that she does the dishes just so that she’ll have an empty sink to facilitate the cooking.  Today, after she’d left, I returned home in the evening to find the bathrooms uncleaned, the floors unvacuumed, and the laundry unlaundered save for a single load still running in the machine; but, on the stove, in addition to this mackerel dish in a saucepan, I found a stockpot filled with 12 liters of dashi stock – 12 LITERS – TWELVE FUCKING LITERS.  Aside from what to do with all that stock, I have nowhere to store it.  She’s a good cook, both the mackerel and the stock and the other things that she’s made have all been good, but that’s really not what we hired her for.  I thought that I’d been clear on the parameters of her employment with us, but apparently a follow-up briefing is in order.

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